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Publisher's description

GedStar Pro is a program that can be used to extract and convert the data that is stored in a genealogy program on your PC. You can import data from The Master Genealogist and Legacy Family Tree or GEDCOM files to support all other genealogy programs.

What's new in version 4.4

Remove restrictions on length of note/memo text.

What's new in version 4.3

-Fix character-set bug in image names when converting an ANSI-encoded GEDCOM file and no user-specified name is given for an image.
-Support for improved photo display on Android device (with Android app 2.1.1)
-Use file name as photo caption for GEDCOM records without a specific TITL tag.
-New option to ignore invalid GEDCOM lines instead of handling them as a fatal error.
-Direct copy of the database file to your Dropbox folder.
-Larger photo option for large tablets.
-Better support for TMG custom name structures.
-Support GEDCOM cause-of-death (CAUS) tag.
-Fix minor GEDCOM import bugs
-Fix crash or hang when writing database file. (V4.2.5)
-Fix TMG internal photo conversion. (V4.2.4)
-Fix conversion of non-ASCII characters (fix for 4.2.0 bug). (V4.2.3)
-Generate version 3 database for new Android V1.7.0 features.
-Store correct individual IDs for TMG databases.
-Support user-defined "REFN" IDs
-Support "private," "excluded," or "sensitive" data markers for TMG and Legacy.
-Support TMG dataset IDs.
-Fix for random "SQLite Disk I/O Error" failures caused by interference from certain anti-virus software.
-Photos were not being converted from GEDCOM file if the file was encoded as UTF-8 and the file path contained non-English characters.
-Data from GEDCOM files and other programs using ANSI character encoding are now correctly converted for Android (UTF-8), regardless of nationality. In addition to Western European characters, this has been tested with the Cyryllic alphabet.
-Photo searches for Legacy Family Tree databases has been improved.
-Fix "buffer overrun" error commonly encountered with GEDCOM files downloaded from
-Convert text formatting codes used by Legacy and Master Genealogist (bold, italics, etc.). Requires V1.5.5 of the Android app for proper viewing (to be released mid-January).
-Fix problem creating the database file and/or converting photos when converting an ANSI-formatted GEDCOM file and there are accented characters in the file path.
* Restructuring of the output database to achieve significant performance increases on the Android device in conjunction with Android app V1.5.0.
-Fix for locating image files in the default directory when using Legacy 7.0.
-Fix for usage of name components in Legacy databases.

Latest comments

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    Marie McDonald Last year

    I have downloaded GedStar Pro but it won't convert from Database. Message is:
    Unsupported character set (ANSEL)
    Must be either UTF-8, or ASCII
    File TCGedProcess.cpp, line 1939
    Could you please advise me what to do. I have not paid for this program yet, as I have 22 days left to trial it first.

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